Sooner rather than later.

Jacob and I figured that it would be a potential 3-4 months before we got into the house that we wanted. Thankfully we had been hearing nothing but reassuring news that we would be getting into our house sooner than the estimated time giving. That 3-4 month wait turned into less than a week for us to get our house. 

Today must have been our lucky day because Jacob got a call and offer on the house we were wanting. So, without me rambling on and on due to my excitement… I’m happy to say that Jacob and I have a house. Next week will will be moving out belongings into our home and starting this new chapter of life together as a married couple.

Our wedding had enough beer, wine, liquor, and moonshine to supply the Marine Corps.

If you left hungry, sober, or bored it’s your own damn fault.

Last Friday, on our way back to Fayetteville from Jacksonville, we stopped to have ice cream. The good lawd knows all I ever want is a nice cream cone.

Wedding pics please!!!! :)

Asked by Anonymous

I’ll slowly be uploading random pictures I have on my phone, but will post the photos from my photographer once I receive them!

A week ago, Saturday, I married this lucky man. It was by far the best day of my life.

Yesterday was Jacob’s roommate Nick’s birthday. So I did what I’d only hope my roommates fiancée would do..

I ordered him a large pizza, Memphis BBQ Chick (his favorite), and had it delivered to their barracks room. Boom.

Happy Birthday, Nick.

Oh shit, three days until we get to see our closest family and friends.

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