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Adore You (Acoustic Version) - Miley Cyrus

why the fuck does a miley cyrus song make cry? because it fucking does every time 

Boy, I adore you, I adore you.

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Bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! Another thing to cross off my list! Yay, everything is slowly coming together.


Marine Corps.

Why is it that whenever I truly need to go to bed due to having something important early in the morning, I find myself tossing and turning restlessly all night.

It’s 2:20am and as much as I wish I was fast asleep, I’m not. I’ve been so MIA lately and after two months of being away from my Lilly Jayne I’ll be able to hug and kiss her in about 7 hours. My dad has to go to Florida to take care of a few things and is bringing her to me in North Carolina while he is away. I’ve missed her so much and think my excitement may have a little bit to do with me not being able to sleep.

Plus, Jacob has been in the field all week. I admit that I may miss him and his handsome self. The wedding isn’t too far away and everything is slowly coming together. Some nights I find myself trying to take everything in still. I’m going to be married soon. I’m going to be married to an amazing man.